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Happy Thanksgiving! We're very pleased and honored to have had the opportunity to work with John Zed King's wonderful art in creating this stationery collection for you. We hope you will take a few moments to visit John's huge on-line gallery of art. Please visit the on-line art gallery of John Zed King by clicking here. Don't forget to write and share your comments with John too! John can be reached by email at johnzed@hiwaay.com .

All midi music in this collection was composed and sequenced by CloudEight's official midi composer Bill Sandy. Please accept Bill's invitation to visit his Web site by clicking here.

Listed below are the titles of each stationery design in this collection. Simply click on the title to see a full preview of each stationery design as it will appear in your email when used according to our simple instructions found on our help page. As with most all CloudEight Stationery collections, this collection is available as a full collection or as individual selections from each preview page. All stationery in this collection have the common prefix "country_thanks" for ease in locating.

Please click here to download "A Country Thanksgiving" Advanced Version
(For Outlook Express Only)

Please click here to download "A Country Thanksgiving" Standard Version
(For Outlook 98/2000/XP and Outlook Express)

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All content is copyright 2001-2002 by CloudEight Internet Designs/CloudEight Stationery. All stationery designs in this collection are based on artwork copyright by John Zed King and used with written permission. All midi music included in this collection are copyright by Bill Sandy and used by special arrangement. Bill Sandy is the Official Midi Composer for CloudEight Stationery.